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Luxury Home on Wheels

Two Colonels Venture promises you an adventure of a lifetime and our motto is “FREEDOM FROM BOREDOM”. We offer you a luxury home on wheels. Rent our custom made luxury Caravans and escape the concrete jungles of bustling cities to enjoy quality times with your loved ones without compromising on health and safety.

We will help you plan your dream van life holiday with your family or friends. Our van is rugged and adventure hungry on the outside but on the inside, it comes with all the comfort of a guest house – a comfortable bed, a lounge with the luxury of recliners and a sofa that folds down to a second bed, HDTV and a full ensuite washroom. We have enough space to house five people and sleep without having to play rock, paper scissor to decide who sleeps on the floor.

The best part! If you find a stunning spot, park the Caravans right there and you don’t have to worry about being late or checking in to your hotel room. Hold on ….. Are you worried about the safety and comfort in the lonely but exotic place? Well Two Colonels give you the company of a driver and helper who are either Ex-servicemen or dependable person. On your special request and our small little risk assessment free of cost we can even provide armed guard who can be assuring for your safety. So explore the unexplored, catch the sunrise from your bed, chase the sunsets and camp right under the stars without worrying about the rest of the world. Grab five of your friends or family members and contact us to enjoy your holiday with all van life essentials to live off the grid and be in tune with the nature.

Our endeavour is to offer the best experience of van life  camping in wilderness, lakeside, riverbanks, riverbeds, next to jungle, etc. We offers the best rustic and aristocratic nomadic lifestyle which only rich and royals could afford. So hop on to our luxury on wheels and get what you deserve……. FREEDOM FROM BOREDOM.

What We Offer!!

  • Luxurious Living Room
  • Neat & Clean Washroom
  • Best possible outdoor kitchen
  • Comfortable Bedroom
  • Well Equipped with Games
  • Upto 5 peoples Ride Comfortably
  • CCTV coverage and a GPS track
  • Trained Driver
  • Basic First Aid Box

What We Offer ?

Spacious and naturally lit with large windows which offers pleasing views, our interiors are stylish, luxurious and comfortable. Our Caravans provides you Recliners and plush Sofas, Wifi, CCTV, Music system, Cassette AC, GPS, Gen set, Indoor games, Dry Kitchenette, Mini Bar, Refrigerator, Microwave, Induction plate etc.

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